What are your plans for (American) Thanksgiving?

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What are your plans for (American) Thanksgiving?

Anyone have plans for the holiday?

We are driving up to my parent's house for Thanksgiving. My grandparents are in their 80s so I want them to have a chance to see CJ before Christmas. We are planning on leaving around 3 or 4, whenever CJ gets up to eat and after I finish pumping. It's a 6-hour drive from here to the SF Bay Area so hopefully we'll only have to stop twice and don't hit too much traffic. Thanksgiving will be at my parent's house and then on Friday there's a Christmas parade I want to take the boys too, plus we'll probably go out on Black Friday.

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All my family is local, so we will hit both the inlaws and my Mom's for lunch and dinner. On black friday I am going to see the Rockettes!!!

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So jealous...I want Turkey, guess I'll have to wait till X-Mas. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Working. MIL moved eating from lunch until 5pm so I can come after work.

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Going to our friends' house. We switch off hosting Thanksgiving with them. Last year they had just had a baby, so we hosted. This year we (obviously) just had a baby, so they're hosting. It's going to be pretty big... 15 adults, 8 kids, or something like that! Next year will be our turn again, which DH loves. This year I'm really thankful that we're NOT hosting!

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My friends and I are getting together for a big "family" dinner together. Since all of us are military and away from our blood relatives, we are combining our forces and families for one huge dinner together. Looking like 8 adults and 12 kids. It'll be awesome!

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Happy thanksgiving to all my american friends!!!!
American thanksgiving is "national holoprosencephaly awareness day" ( skyler has it so I am hoping to raise aweness!)