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What are your thoughts...

The babies had another doctors appt. to A) address Bradleys congestion which, with the antibiotics, has cleared up and Dirol address Kaylees irregular BM. so Brad weighs 10lbs and 8oz and is up 1lb and 3 oz and Kaylee is 8lbs 6oz and is up 1lb and 1oz. The problem I have is with kaylee. She is going 4-5 days without a BM. She will finally have one and continue to have BM for about 2-3 days and then go another 4-5 day stretch of nothing. My doctor has no concern with this simply because when she does have a BM it is soft and she isn't in pain. She had her first since Sat today and I have to admit it was very easy for her to get out and it was normal looking. Anyway, I think its odd that she goes that many days without a BM. My doctor says it is simply that she is putting herself on a schedule. DD1 only had BM everyother day which I've heard from many ppl is normal...but 4-5 days.

Does that seem odd to anyone else?

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Are they breast fed? If so, up to 10 days is normal. I was told as long as they can still pass gas and aren't in discomfort, it is fine. DD1 pooped once a week between 3 months and when we started solids. DD2 goes every 4-8 days.

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I agree its normal as long as she isnt in pain then its OK.

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Thats crazy, I never would have thought that she could that many days. Well, on the bright side, atleast I'll save a bit on diapers. Now if I could get Brad to do the same that would be awesome!

Oh and yes they are BF.

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Think of it this way- your breast milk is the perfect food for her, so she's digesting and making use of most of it!

And yeah, I was worried after Flynn was born. He went poop like 8 times at the hospital and then stopped cold turkey at home! I had to go and check Dr Google and then double-check with the Ped before I felt okay- and then, of course, he was back to a pooping machine!

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Totally normal for her to go days between poops being breastfed. Selah does that every now and then too. Wink

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I think it's fine as long as she's not in any obvious discomfort. Brandon used to have horrible constipation for the first year and we used to have to give him diluted prune juice. He used to go days without pooping but he was in serious discomfort, it was obvious.

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Yup totally normal for breastfed babies! I always heard this but never experienced it until now. Ashton was an every-time he ate kind of pooper up until a couple weeks ago and now he goes once a day, if that. It's nice to not have to clean up poop at every diaper change!! Of course now when he does poop it's like 5 babies all got together and filled his diaper!!

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Yep totally normal. Hailey was like that. Poop one day then not go for like, 4 or 5, poop again etc. Was told it was normal and that it would eventually become more 'regular' .

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Audrey doesn't poop much either...once every 3-5 days or so. Big change, her big sister went every feed, so its taken some getting used to. But man, can the girl toot! This kid toots all the time, and the longer its been since she's pooped, the stinkier they get!