What's everyone up to this weekend?

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What's everyone up to this weekend?

So... what is everyone up to this weekend? We don't have much planned. Yesterday the kids and I had a playdate with some new friends from church. It went well. Trying to make new friendships when you move somewhere new can always be challenging. Last night we had some other friends over for dinner and just hung out chatting afterwards. They are the couple that will be watching the littles when I go into labor. Today, we've just been hanging out at the house doing nothing. It stormed really good here this morning. I sterilized all my breast pump parts/bottles/pacifiers/etc. That was literally THE last thing on my to-do list besides replacing the infant pads in the infant carseat and installing it in DH's car, which we will do this afternoon/evening. I'm working on updating my belly book some this afternoon too. I made a list of things I'd like to get accomplished in the next week as well... mostly to give me something to do so I don't feel like I'm just sitting around around for labor to start. Tomorrow we have church and that's it. Monday, we plan on taking the kids to a jumping/bouncy house thing and out for an icecream treat. Basically, we're just hanging around, relaxing, enjoying our last weekend (or possible last weekend) as a faimly of four!

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DH is making homemade pizza and we have some friends coming over help us eat it. I'm going to go see my horse at some point this weekend. I was going to go today, but it's over 100 degrees, and it's supposed to cool down starting tomorrow, so I decided to wait. We may do something else spur-of-the-moment, but that's all we have planned.

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Heather... no Labor Day baby for you??? Wink

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Preparing for babies and spending quailty time with DD1 before the twins arrivial. Other then that, just being lazy. Turned out to be a beautiful weekend.

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FOOTBALL!!! DH worked last night and tonight. He is off tomorrow night though. He is going to work on the car and my lil sis is spending the night with me tonight so I may hopefully get some sleep tonight.

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We WERE going to go to a family reunion tomorrow, but it is about an hour out of town for us, and I am not comfortable being that far from my dr/hospital in case I do go into labor.

So we'll hang around here, enjoy each other's company, and then ILs and DH's sister's family will come over after the reunion and have dinner with us.

No current plans for Monday.

Tomorrow (Sunday) is my EDD, and I honestly did not think I would still be pregnant at this point! Trying to wrap my brain around the possibility of not delivering for another week or two.

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shopping (BRU and groceries), walking, and enjoying time at home with DH sans kids. Brayden is at DH's parents house and SD17 is at a friend's house.

We'll get both of them back tomorrow.

Monday, we'll see. It depends on how hot it is. It's supposed to be in the low 90s, which would be a 10-15 degree improvement. In that case, we may actually get to go to the park!


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Today we haven't done a whole lot. I went to Carter's labor day sale and bought a few things for fun. I laid out a few things I want to pack for her for the hospital. DH is cooking dinner, so we will be eating soon and then maybe sitting outside since hopefully our cool front is coming in if it's not too windy.

Hopefully over the next 2 days we will get some house cleaning done that really needs to be done and get the rest of the baby things out of the attic. And I want to get baby's car seat cover sewn.

Tomorrow evening we are having a cookout with several of our neighbors.

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I am hoping for to go in to labor this Labor Day weekend. lol other than that, nothing planned, just going to relax.

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we did a whole lot of nothing this weekend Smile I'm still in my pjs on the couch cuddling with Isaiah while dh is outside with the big kids doing yardwork. I'm going to call my dad and see if he wants to come over for dinner and I might try to make the treck to Target for a nursing tank or two. Tomorrow dh is going fishing in the morning so it'll be my first experience with all 4 kids by myself. A good prep for Tuesday I guess. I can't believe the little guy is a week old already, I've been replaying last Sunday all morning Smile

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Yesterday we watched the power ppl try to get our power back up (it took hours, but they were funny and in high spirits). After the power came up, we cleaned up the house from running the generator cables all over, dh's parents came over to get their food out of our freezer, and then we went to a couple stores.

Today I am super cleaning our bathrooms and relaxing.

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skyler had his first horse show yesterday where he tied for 1st place Smile and today we are off to a bbq.

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Wow Jen, you must be so proud right now!

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We didn't do much yesterday, got some laundry folded, Washed most of Simone's clothes. I got some sewing one to get that motivation back up. Made these to go with Simone's dress....(cant get it to resize....grrr)

Today I went out and looked for twin size mattresses. DH put together the girls bunk beds and All 3 kids LOVE climbing to the top bunk. FREAKS me out. I also looked at comforter sets and am looking at making a duvet cover for DS's bed. (the only one I have is flowery and girly. ) Whew, it;s alot to take on when I have enough on my plate to keep me busy.

Tomorrow I am working on some orders that am convincing myself are due for shipping by the end of the week(even though some have said"No rush".....Nope...deadlines people. I need them LOL

I also am spending time getting things together to have Simone in or room, having DH move the bassinet, pack and play. Hopefully we will have mattresses in place and we can try to get everyone in beds before Simone arrives, but we will see. he twins seem excited about new beds so am praying for an easy transition.

Whew........All that is missing is my mom, who cant find cheap airfare Sad So she won't be here.

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yes Joni I am proud but I think I created a monster he is already asking when the next horse show is :rolleyes: i should of seen that happening LOL!!

Katie luv the booties!!! sorry ur mom couldnt find cheap airfare to be there Sad

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We've had a busy weekend.

My parents are visiting, they got here Saturday morning. They're coming back next weekend for Brandon's first day of school so they're taking him for the week. It will be my last chance to clean, organize, cook, and get everything else ready.

A farm about 25 minutes away has pick-your-own roma tomatoes one weekend out of the year and it was this weekend. The tomatoes are 25 cents a pound and I aim for about a 100 so we have enough jars of sauce to last us the whole year. I did it last year and this year I'm lucky to have help. Chris had to be at the Call of Duty convention on Saturday for work so we had to go Sunday. I supervised while my dad and Chris picked my 100 lbs. but Brandon helped a little. Yesterday I canned about 1/4 so today we are doing the rest. My dad is also barbecuing today for the holiday.

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My DH is working like crazy on our yard. We have a new house and the yard is blank, so he is building a patio, then a deck and then grass. He has been working like a madman. He has even been getting up with the kids in the AM so I can get some sleep. I am feeling a little guilty given how hard he is working, but I am getting to the ridiculously pregnant stage where it is impossible to do much of anything. I am trying to get some of baby's stuff organized when I can and that is about it!