When to stop swaddling?

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When to stop swaddling?

Isaiah is my first 'swaddle baby'. My other kids hated it but he loves it and he sleeps SO good at night swaddled. Since he's also a big baby (16lbs 8oz yesterday to be exact), I've had to buy the bigger swaddle blankets...but they are a little snug already too Lol When do people typically stop swaddling? I have noticed during naps he'll still occasionally startle himself awake, can't remember when that stops?

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I started out swaddling Daniel all the time and he would never protest. Nowadays, he fights and fights it and actually falls asleep just as fine without arms being swaddled. He found his thumb and his constantly sucking on his fingers so that might have a lot to do with his dislike for swaddling.

I think that as long as he is happy with being swaddling, keep at it.

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I was wondering the same thing. This is my first time swaddling too. DD1 hated it. I still swaddle Kaylee and I figure I'll do it until she doesn't like it anymore

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I swaddled Brayden for 9 months.

I use the big muslin blankets (Aiden and Anais at Target and I think Halo makes them at BRU as well). They work even for BIIIIGGGGG babies.


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I gottta buy a bigger swaddle bag for kesler I use the halo but I can't find one that holds his hands down I can only find sleep bags. Sky was never swaddled so I have no idea but I am just gunna swaddle till he doesn't like it anymore.

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I don't know. I'm in the same boat as most of you guys. My boys didn't like being swaddled. Evie didn't like it much at first, either, but I kept at it and now I notice a big difference when she's overtired and I swaddle her versus just rocking or bouncing, etc. I don't notice much of a difference in duration of sleep, but she calms down if she's overtired and I swaddle her.

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Dd1 wasn't a swaddle baby either but addisyn sure is. She too will startle herself awake if not swaddled. We have one if the swaddle me velcro kind that work just fine. I guess we will do it until she doesn't like it

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We swaddled Brandon until he didn't fit anymore, around 7-8 months or so. He really liked to be swaddled. The only swaddler we had that fit that long was the Miracle Blanket.

CJ likes to be swaddled as well so I want to keep him in it as long as we can.

We only swaddle at nighttime and it's his big cue to start winding down for bed.