When is your baby shower?

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When is your baby shower?

Mine is August 13th. I'll be about 35 weeks. I am going for a blue polka dot theme with rubber duckies. I am planning my own baby shower this time. Usually my sister or DH's family does it. I am going to serve finger foods and for the non-preggo people I will have Blue Hipnotiq alcohol and blue HI-C juice for everyone else. I am excited! I have my invitations filled out and I am going to mail them next week.

When is your shower?
What is your theme?
Are you planning it or someone else? (im a control freak so im super excited to plan it myself)
Want to share your baby registry?? I want to see if I haven't forgotten anything. (I mostly have everything since this is #3, but after we had DS2, we got rid of a lot of things, plus I feel every baby deserves nice new things, so even if i had 20 babies, id still throw a shower for each one! LOL) here is my registry: http://www.toysrus.com/registry/search/index.jsp?_flowExecutionKey=_c2D4DECE0-F9FF-77B8-A21D-A3ED504E8665_k7311C6A2-A49A-84F4-ACFF-3FFB592AC7FB&overrideStore=TRUS

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Oh fun idea! I would LOVE to see what everyone is registering for so I can see if I forgot anything! Smile

I'm having a shower on August 13th too! Except I'll be just over 37 weeks. Yikes! I'm a little nervous that it is so close to my due date, but my MIL and SIL are co-hosting for me (they chose the date), and I'd rather have a late shower than no shower! (There really are a few things we need that would be great to not buy ourselves)

No clue what the theme will be, but I know that we're doing a ladies-only luncheon. I just hope I am not too big/swollen/gross by that point! I'd like to look halfway decent! Smile

Here's the link to my registry: http://www.diapers.com/baby-registry/79903/Katie-Laramore

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I am having 2 showers this time. The first one for friends and family is July 16! (Next weekend!!!!) The theme of it is LSU. We are huge LSU fans so I'm super excited about it. My BFF, MIL, and Mom are planning it. My other shower is just the girls at work. It's July 20. They are decorating in the colors of the nursery.
I'm registered at Target. I have a little bit of everything on there. I am trying to wait until after the showers before I start buying anything else. It's been very hard though!

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The girls at work want to throw a shower sometime later this month. It will be the only shower we have. I have yet to register anywhere, but I think I will do a small registry online this week. i honestly would just prefer GC's as tacky as it sounds, but I dont have a clue what size the babies will be wearing and even though I plan on BF I dont know that I will be successful with 2... so that could mean bottles and formula (an unknown to me)! :eek:

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When is your shower? I have no idea really but I'm guessing 7/23/11. (It's supposed to be a surprise)
What is your theme? I have no idea
Are you planning it or someone else? Someone else
Want to share your baby registry??
I hope the link works... http://www.walmart.com/giftregistry/gr_detail.do?registryId=80500701154

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I won't be having a shower...didn't have one the first time either.

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I am having a birthday/"sprinkle." I didn't want a big shower this time since this is our second and I have most of my big things (furniture, swing, bouncy seat, high chair) already. I did want a little something though so this is our compromise.

My "sprinkle" is on my actual birthday, July 31, and I'll be about 32 weeks. My mom is throwing it for me. It is co-ed like my first shower. There is no theme, I told my mom I didn't want anything baby-themed (similar to my first, the traditional baby shower is just not my thing), no games, just a party. I told her she could do whatever she wanted for food/drinks as long as I have this special fruit tart from this bakery near her house and sparkling water. We were discussing it this weekend and we might actually rent one of those taco carts, which sounds awesome to me. I'm more excited about getting to see my family and friends (since it's at my parents' house on the other side of the state) and if there's a few things we don't have to buy ourselves, that would be awesome too.

My registry number at BRU is 46704984. I tried to link it but it didn't work right. I don't have a huge registry but there are a few things we need.

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No one here to offer to throw us a shower... DH and I were even just talking about baby gifts the other day because there are a few things I need (like a new diaper bag) and since this is our third, I doubt we'll really get any gifts once baby is born either. Our families are... how can I say this nicely?... "conservative" when it comes to gift buying. (As in my sister didn't even get us a gift for DD, and for Christmas/birthdays they'll send one small thing). No one has even asked us if we need anything.

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I'm having a small shower on July 16th... most of the people invited are going to be out of town, so it will be a small group, which is fine. I don't know what the theme is... two of my best friends are throwing it. It will be nice to get out of the house (without DD) and hang out with friends!

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My shower won't be until after the baby is born (at my request) I really don't want to be stuck with a whole bunch of ugly gender neutral stuff, so we are waiting until the baby is born so we can have a color specific theme. If it's a girl, then the theme will DEFINITELY be Light Pink & Frilly. If it's another boy, then I'm really not sure what theme they will do. My first was ducks, my second was a Pink & Blue theme cause it was a co-shower with my little sister who was expecting a girl.

Mine will be thrown by the ladies at the church. They LOVE to throw parties. Smile It will likely be about 2 weeks after the baby is born so they have time to get the invites out. I have started my basic registry and have a ton of pink stuff on it (hopeful), but I will not make it public until after the baby is born and we know what color and can realize what we really need. Smile (not much after 2 kids).

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My shower is also on August 13th! I have a few friends who are working together on it. The theme is frogs and blues, greens and browns. I'm mostly excited about seeing my sister, who is coming up for the shower! It will be pretty small, the entire invite list is about 10 people, and I don't expect all of them to show up. It is just a luncheon type thing at our friends house.

This is my third, but DH's first, and my two oldest are 8 and 11, so I have NOTHING from them. Here is my registry: http://www.toysrus.com/registry/link/index.jsp?overrideStore=TRUS&registryNumber=47041127

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"MandyMommyto1" wrote:

I won't be having a shower...didn't have one the first time either.


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I'm jealous Smile I had a shower with my first but we're in an area where showers for babies after the first just aren't done. Which is too bad because with our first I really didn't even know what to register for Lol
Here's my registry though, it's really just a list for me to know what I need/want yet
I have a registry at ToysRUs and will be making one at Target but both of those are really just for the coupons, at TRU I just went around the store with the gun and had fun with it Lol I still have to go and add some stuff though because I got the coupon and it's a percentage off remaining registry items so I think it only works for stuff on your registry.

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i am not having a baby shower, i didnt have one with skyler either.