Where is everyone these days?

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Where is everyone these days?

Our board is really quiet.

We are well. Doing school with the bigs and getting ready for the holidays. Have all our presents for the extended family bought... just have DH to go. The weather is cooling off here, which I love because it's beginning to feel a bit more like Christmas now! Smile

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I pop in most days, but work is keeping me pretty busy.

Yesterday we had our first sticking snow. DD1 was thrilled to put on snowpants and boots and make tracks and angels in the snow, even though it was only a couple inches. I planned to take pics of her playing, but the camera battery died right as we were going outside. Sad

Can't believe the baby is three months old already! Feels like she was just born!

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Under a pile of kids! LOL
I am often on FB more then here.... but I am so busy with all my children that I often find myself just lurking more then posting. I'll tell ya .... twins are ALOT harder then a singleton!

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I'm working alot these days. DH's job is shutting the plant down alot due to over-production so we are losing money on his end. I'm just trying to pick up the slack. I have Coby's b-day party next Saturday and his class Christmas party. I am so ready for my life to slow down a bit.

I'm glad everyone is doing good!

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I have been busy with the boys lots of appts with sky and I joined a ppd support group and see a therapist every second friday its helping. I have been working with a health nurse 2 x a wk and the nursing is going well he is up to bout 50/50 bm its a lot of work but I think the bf is helping with my ppd. I lurk lots try to post but not much time these days. But I mailed off the xmas cards Smile oh and mr Kesler weighs 14 lbs 11oz and is 10 wks he's a lil porker Wink

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We are still here but nothing too exciting is going on.

DD2 is doing well. She seems so tiny compared to many if the babies here @ around 10 lbs at 18 weeks. She is tall at around 23 inches. She is a very happy baby as long as she gets her sleep. In the day I wear her and at night she does a 6-10 hour stretch in her crib. I am very aware right now on the impact of the adjusted age and am very happy to be finally moving out of the newborn stage. We are still nursing and finally are almost done with the nipple shield.

DD1 is struggling. She is a great big sister but she seems lonely for kids her own age. She is also going through a phase where she is pushing the limit on everything.

We found a babysitter and are having our second date night tonight Smile I've also been working on getting back into shape and prepreg weight. So far I've lost 30 of the 40 lbs I gained this pregnancy. I also have an extra 10 from my loss.

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We are hanging in there. I still feel achy in my middle area a lot, and am still spotting every now and then. I think I have tennis elbow from lifting the carseat. I am on FB more as well (uploading pics to here is a pita). If anyone wants to add me, pm me for my info.

DD1 is regressing a bit and struggling in other ways. She Has dropped nap most days and is crabby in the evenings b/c of it. She refuses to feed herself at dinner (fine at lunch and breakfast). But she absolutely loves her sister. A neighbor was holding dd2 the other day and Stella told her to "be careful with my sister".

DD2 is doing well. She slept 8 and a half hours straight last night. That was a shocker for me. She is 10lbs, still my little peanut. I pulled out my 3-6 month clothes today to wash them b/c she is pretty long.

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December is just insanely busy for us. I do peak in everyday, and am on facebook throughout the day whenever I get a minute to sit! Today is DS1's birthday party so we've spent the last few days preparing and now I'm finally getting a minute to sit before everyone gets here. Tuesday is his 2nd birthday, Wednesday we're doing his pictures and DD2's dance class, Thursday is his 2 year checkup, Friday is the girls' Christmas concert at school and sometime Thursday/Friday I need to go grocery shopping. Next weekend I need to finish up Christmas shopping and get together with my sister in law to do Santa pictures. Next week is all the final prep for Christmas and then of course Christmas and then all the kids will be home until after New Years....so I don't see myself getting much for online time until January Blum 3
Isaiah's doing great though, he's huge. 2 weeks ago he was 16lbs 8oz...I wouldn't be surpised at all if he's closing in on 18lbs right now. I'll probably be putting away all our 3-6 month stuff this week and 6-9 stuff is fitting nicely. He's such a happy little guy, always smiling and 'talking' to us. He's really getting good control over his hands now. Still just rolling front to back...no back to front rolling yet. He sleeps about 8pm to 7am now, he stopped the one time he had been waking between there this week. Starting to get into 3 naps a day...morning, afternoon and evening. Everything is just going really well, except for those 'twos' that DS1 is getting into Lol but I'm trying to keep it in perspective. I've found 3 harder with my older two.

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I'm read a lot, but don't have time to post much. Trying to finish some renovations before Christmas. My cousin is coming in from Calgary for a long weekend visit this Thursday, so I am excited about that. Audrey is doing well, she gives me a 4-6 hour stretch once a night, in the cradle! During the day she tends to nap best in the swing, and I am bad that I let her as its the only guarantee of some free time to get stuff done.

Hailey is pushing her limits here. She adores her sister, but she is full on not listening, and has started yelling at me. She has learned this from her little BFF, my friend's son who is 4 months younger than her, and completely indulged and spoiled. She has already been sent to her room to "calm down" twice today and its only noon. We also potty trained last weekend, no diapers at all during the day, only at night. Cloth training pants at nap, otherwise big girl panties. She's doing really well, we've had a couple of poop accidents but thats it. We even went Christmas shopping at a mall all morning Friday and she peed in the toilet there, no accidents. But the attitude is very frustrating, and some days to be honest its all I can do to not smack her. Sigh. Gotta love being almost 3.

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We're really busy visiting and shopping for Christmas. Babies are growing like bad weeds. Other then that, not much. Just preparing to host Christmas. I wish it would snow so we could have a white Christmas, not the same with green grass.

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I'm here. I am on here every day, but sometimes from my phone or iPad so I don't always reply right away. Having two kiddos keeps me pretty busy and this is such a crazy time of the year for us anyway so I definitely don't have as much time as I would like.