who has had a drug free induction?

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who has had a drug free induction?

Just out of curiosity, were you ever induced but chose not to have any pain meds?

I was induced with my first due to pre-e. I went into the experience not wanting meds but only made it to 4cm and begged for an epidural. With my second, I was not induce and had a med free birth. It was awesome. I actually instinctly knew when to push her out based on my contractions!! I could feel them

Although it is too early to truly know what will happen with this pregnancy, I have been told by my docs to consider an induction because of baby's size. I was thinking about my two previous birth experiences and really thinking about my ability to have a drug free birth if I am induced. :eek: I want to but.................

I was curious to see who has actually had a drug free induction and how was it?????!!!!! I know labor and delivery is different for each and every women!

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Good question! With my impending induction and being a FTM and being absolutely adamant about no epidural I'm starting to doubt myself as to if I can do it being that I'm going to be induced. Curious to hear what the BTDT mommas have to say.

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The would be a good question to post on the birthing naturally board. Those ladies will probably be able to give a lot of good tips.

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I was induced with DD, and I didn't get any pain meds until about 15 minutes before I ended up in an emergency c-section under general anesthesia (I was in labor for 13 hours before then). The reason I eventually gave in was because the pitocin gave me tetanic contractions- which basically means that you have one giant, ongoing contraction, instead of your typical multiple contractions that rise and fall and give you a bit of a break in between. After all those hours of one intense, ongoing contraction, I was exhausted so I got the epidural... and then 15 minutes later was in surgery :rolleyes:. So I don't know if that counts, but that was my experience.

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"heatherliz2002" wrote:

The reason I eventually gave in was because the pitocin gave me tetanic contractions- which basically means that you have one giant, ongoing contraction, instead of your typical multiple contractions that rise and fall and give you a bit of a break in between.

I was induced with both my LOs, and although I ended up caving and asking for an epi both times, it didn't work the first time and I got it too late the 2nd. The tetanic contractions were why I caved the first time. I don't have a natural labour to compare to, but I did make it through 2 induced deliveries with no pain meds. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't fun. But, its doable!

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I was induced with dd, and made it to transition before needing anything, and even then only had fentanyl and entonox. It wasn't that the contractions were that painful, it was the fact that I was only getting a few seconds of rest in between them. I did have a very short labor though, 5 hours from when they started the pitocin until delivery.

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I wasn't induced but with DS they gave me pitocin to strengthen my contractions and I delivered him completely pain med free. I didn't find his labor to be any different than my others. I probably had a pretty low dose since I was already contracting but I think it's totally possible

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I was induced with all 4, and may be with this one as well. I used the gas with the first 3, with Hailey I used nothing. I had a shot of demerol when I was in with DD1 (baby 3), not for pain, but the Dr thought maybe it would help some because things were going, but a bit slow. The pain wasn't that bad actually, so I think the demerol helped with that, but as far as epi's etc go, no thanks, not for me lol. I like being able to know when I need to push, not when someone says I need to push lol.

Labor for the most part for all of them wasn't so bad, though I can't really make a comparison to how it was without the pitocin as compared to with. I have a super low tolerance to pain so I'd imagine for me, either or would hurt like freakin hell LOL.

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With my first I had pitocin after a little over a week of prodromal labor. I was 2cm going in. The pit gave me super duper intense contractions and after about 4 hours I opted for fentanyl (iv pain meds). I had one dose, lasted an hour. When they said I could have another (it's an opiate I guess so you have to wait) then the 2nd dose came and it only lasted about 30 minutes. I waited again and got a 3rd dose, but it did nothing. Then DH suggested I go ahead and do what I was trying to avoid by taking the IV meds and get the epidural. I think I was close to 10 hours in before I finally signed the release form for the epi. I finally dilated after getting the epi I went to 4cm then stalled, so they broke my water. My labor from the time they started the pit to the time he came out was 27.5 hours. I couldn't feel my legs and they had to wait before I could push cause I couldn't feel a contraction, let alone feel my legs. He came out with vacuum, episiotomy, 3rd degree tear and on the last possible attempt before state law required a c-section. After he came out the epi finally faded and I felt TREMENDOUS pain again and they gave me more fentanyl. This time it was a higher dose and it essentially knocked me out.

With my 2nd I opted for cervadil induction since the pit didn't allow me to dilate. This went MUCH better. I was stretching to 4cm when I went in for induction. About four hours in I was only 5cm and I got fentanyl. Lasted about 45 minutes. 2nd dose hardly did anything, and I did not even try for a 3rd dose. I requested the epi and had to wait for the anesthesiologist (even though I signed the release BEFORE the induction started). I finally received the epi around 7cm and by the time he was done inserting it and I could lay down, I was complete and pushing. My toes were barely tingly. I felt everything and it wasn't bad at all. I consider it that the Epi was ineffective and, therefore, I didn't really need it at all and feel like I made it without one. The contractions on the cervadil were much more tolerable and I pretty much only got the fentanyl to help me rest a little. My labor that time was 8 hours

All in all, if you have an option between pit and cervadil, try the cervadil.

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lurker- I was induced with DD because my fluid was leaking. I had oxytocin, and was given quite a bit over the recommended maximum dosage. I didn't have any pain meds, and everything went great. At some points though it felt very overwhelming. DD was also OP, so I was having back labor, but I don't think that's what made the difference. I felt like everything went so quickly (from 3 cm to baby in less than 2 hours) and that's why I was overwhelmed.

So, I definitely think it's possible. Also, both of my babies were quite large (dd was 10lb 4oz) but I found that I had an easier time birthing them than some of my friends who had 6 lb babies. I know it sounds crazy, but sometimes I think birthing babies can be easier. Maybe momentum or something? Smile lol...

I'm sure you will do great. Good luck!

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I've had two med free induced labors and I thought they were easier than my non-induced labor if that makes sense. For myself with Induced labors you go in rested (which is the number one thing I need to make it through) as compared to waking up to active labor just before midnight and laboring through the wee hours of the morning. It's planned so I get a good sleep before going in and feel prepared to handle it, ya know? That being said, there's no easy way to get a baby out and every delivery is different. Until transition, I don't fight the contractions, I just ride them through, finding some focal point, and gear up for the next one as soon as it passes mentally. My whole goal is effective contractions, being relaxed, and having them work as quickly as possible. The only problem is..that usually works! and I'm in transition faster than I anticipate which I FLY through. At that point I feel like I can't go on and can't stand another contraction..I just don't know how I'm going to make it another second. That's when I need to be reminded that I'm in transition and just focus because I'm almost there. Pushing, I don't remember any pain, because mentally I know I can actively doing something to get the baby out, and man do I push. I don't care about anything other than making each push really really count. Have good support there and remember to listen to your body, not fight it.

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It certainly is different with each woman. I went med free with my first baby, but I had horrible back labor the entire time and wished I would have gotten one as the pain was so excrutiating it made me not want to have any more kids. I was induced with babies #2 and #3, so the contractions were horrible because of the pit and I went ahead with the epi for both of them. Honestly though, I could still feel the contractions (not painful though, just pressure) and I knew exactly when to push. I only pushed about 20 minutes with DS2 and only about five minutes with DD! I'm really hoping that I have a normal, non induced, no back-labor labor this time around! Then I'll decide if I want the epi (which I probably will, lol, why torture myself if I don't have to?!) once I'm in the moment!!