Who's feeling movements?
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Thread: Who's feeling movements?

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    Default Who's feeling movements?

    So I'm a bit stressed out because I havn't felt the baby move yet. I know I'm only 13ish weeks but i totally throught I would be feeling something by now!!!! I think i'm just stressed that something is wrong

    Who's been feeling movements so far?
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    I have started to feel random movements about every other day. So basically a flutter or a kick every couple days, nothing regular yet. I noticed my 1st movement last Monday @ 12 wks, but remember I am carrying 2 and these are babies 4 and 5 for me, so everything is WAY stretched out! LOL
    Try not to worry too much! With pregnancy #2 I don't think I felt movement until 16 wks.
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    I thought I felt something at 13w6d, but it was so small and sporadic, I am still not sure if it was the real deal.

    In the last few days (starting at 16w1d) I have felt bigger flutters. Still very occasional, and I am not convinced it wasn't just gas.

    I cannot wait till movement is more obvious and consistent.

    Easier said than done, Kat, but I wouldn't worry about it yet. When did you start feeling Wyatt move?

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    I started feeling random flutters about two weeks ago but I wasn't sure that was really what I was feeling.They started becoming a little more consistent though and the doctor confirmed that what I was feeling was most likely the baby. This week I am starting to feel them more often (a few times a day) and they are mostly flutters, but occasionally I will stronger movements as well. I feel them mostly in a sitting or scrunched up position and often after a big meal.

    With Brandon I didn't feel flutters until 14 weeks.
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    I felt movement around 12 weeks,then again a couple of days later, but nothing since then. Its so hit and miss now, I wouldn't worry about it just yet.
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    I started feeling it last thursday (+15 weeks). I didn't feel DD until 21 weeks so I was a bit surprised. My doctor is surprised as well
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    This is my third and I am not feeling anything yet. I have been trying to be aware of any feelings when I am sitting or still, but haven't felt anything that I could say is from the baby. I was in my 4th month when I felt my second daughter.
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    Alot of people don't start noticing anything till 18ish weeks, however some notice little flutters etc earlier than that, especially subsequent pregnancies. I'm convinced I"ve felt some little flutters here and there, BUT with my other ones, I never really noticed anything till I knew it was definate baby - 18ish weeks. I'm also a plus sized momma, and I'm also convinced that the early occasional flutters might not be noticable to me lol. I don't feel these flutters often, and I never get gas accompanied with them so who knows, maybe this time I am noticing them.

    I know it's hard not to worry but try not to. Some women can have x amount of kids and not feel anything till much later. I'm sure little bean is just fine and you're worrying for nothing
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    I felt at 11 weeks, but I was flabbergasted. I bet you'll feel it soon, I remember being one of the last on feb 09 to feel dd and it was a little sad and frustrating for me.
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    I started feeling the occasional flutter in my 9th week, but to this day, it's still hit or miss. I'm 17 week and 3 days now and can go days without feeling anything.
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