Why does it take so much energy?

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Why does it take so much energy?

why does getting clean take so much energy?? I just took a 10 minute shower and now I'm sitting in my robe trying to get the energy needed to get dressed. :confused:

What do you wish didn't take so much energy right now?

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AHAHAHHA i can only imagine the responses you will get from that question Biggrin

For me:

1) getting out of bed
2) getting off of the couch
3) standing up from any sitting/laying position (OUCH)
4) walking up and down stairs

Pretty much everything that requires me to move. lol your shower probably relaxed you more, so go take a nice nap Wink

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sadly, the 2 year old does not feel that a nap is necessary. Lol

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Exercising! Lol I actually have been really good lately and I feel great on days I do exercise (got a workout in this morning) but actually starting takes a lot of motivation these days.

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Double post

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Things like showers exhaust me too. I do not remember being this tired at this point with DS. I thought it would be fun to take the stairs at work the other day. Not so much!

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OMG I wish I could get up enough energy to clean everything the way I want it. I always get about halfway done with something and have to take a break. I'm also really tired of the pain I'm having rolling over or getting out of bed!! My hips shift and grind when I'm rolling over and It hurts enough to take my breath away for a second.

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I am SO thankful that there is an elevator in our building. Going up stairs is so hard. Our bedroom and bathroom are in the lower level of our loft and I hate having to come back up after doing anything down there. I have to sit on the couch and catch my breath before I can do anything else.

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the stairs are the worst!!!! I've started keeping 2 areas for important things, one upstairs and one downstairs because i will literally have to sit down after going upstairs to get enough air! that and playing with my ds has become really hard. He wants to go run around the backyard and after about 10 minutes i have to sit down Sad

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I agree with the stairs one...going up/down stairs is the worst. We don't have any stairs here but my parents do and they were brutal.

I feel like it takes me tons of energy to do anything these days, but especially cleaning...my house is so filthy right now, but I just don't have the energy. My kitchen is pretty clean but my floors are in serious need of being cleaned.

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Everything is taking a ridiculous amount of energy these days. I have to rest after I get out of the shower too! My house is a mess about 90% of the time because it's too much effort to pick up the toys/help DD to clean up. This morning I took the dogs out and was totally exhausted afterward... and it's not like I'm walking them on the leash... I'm just supervising to make sure that they stay in the yard (they're still getting used to the new electric/invisible fence). On the days I can get to the gym, I need a nap afterward!

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Stairs definately do it for me as well. Rolling over in bed this past week is starting to hurt and by the end of the day getting into bed has become a problem my back hurts so bad. I am SO exhausted by the end of the school day. Trying to get the kids singing up to par ready for the concert next week is killing me. It takes all my energy and patience to stay calm at this point. I crash when I get home and that leads to nothing getting done around the house...UGH!!!!!

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Pretty much everything tires me out these days Sad but especially my job latley I have bEen labouring and oh man pushing a rake around or jumping in and out machines is just kicking my butt Sad I litterally get home sit on the couch and don't move till ds bed time then I crawl in to bed right after he's tucked in lol!

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I struggle with showering too. The heat of it bothers me, and I get exhausted and on the verge of passing out. It's awful.

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LOL! Going up and down stairs takes up a TON of my energy. If I need to get something, I will sometimes ask my 4yr old son to go get it because mommy gets too tired going up and down the stairs. lol