wide awake today

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wide awake today

today is the first day that daniel has refused to sleep!! i have tried swaddling, rocking, nursing- pretty much all the things that normally put him to sleep and he is wide awake

He is now 7 weeks am I am wondering if something is going on developmentally to decrease this sleep time?

Heather- i remember you had this issue with Ronan?

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Yeah, my little guy still likes to be awake most of the time, although I've been able to convince him to take a few naps lately. But his naps are almost always short. It definitely could be something that's happening developmentally, or a growth spurt. DD always did that with a growth spurt. She wouldn't sleep much for a few days, then she'd crash and make up for it! Ronan, well, I think he just likes to be awake! If you've tried everything, and he's happy being awake, then I wouldn't worry about it. I'm sure it will pass.

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I dunno what I would do right now if the twins weren't sleeping...its the only break a person would get. How are you ladies handling it?

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CJ has been cutting way back on naps too. He takes maybe one or two good naps a day. The rest are super short cat naps, if that.

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Jacob didn't sleep yesterday for more than 15 mins at a time from 8am all the way till 6pm! I was SO tired. He wouldn't even sleep while I was holding him. He just wasn't having it. I know he has been sleeping less and less through the day up until yesterday when it all seemed to come to a head. Today, though, he's doing much better, and down for a nap right now. Around 6 weeks is a growth spurt, so maybe all of us are just going through it.

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Kesler has cut way back on his day time naps he cat naps for like 20 mins at a time. but at nite he is still up every 2 hrs we are hoping that this starts to change soon. ( we are very sleep deprieved at this house) but on a positive note its so cute to seem him soo alert Smile