Wiped OUT!!!!

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Wiped OUT!!!!

My last big youth group event of the summer was today. We did a photo scavenger hunt. 4 teams. Met for lunch, split off and had 4 hours to take pics from list that was 4 and a half pages long. It took my group a little bit of time to get their stuff together and we came in last, but we had the best time. My boys whom I made the capes for were all on my team and they wore their capes the whole time Smile

Some of the things we had to do were;

Take a pic of :

your entire team in a tub or shower. With your clothes on

your entire team with a Harley Davidson. Extra points if the owner is in the pic with you

2 team members in a bed

a team member pumping a strangers gas

The best for my group was "A team member hugging a stranger." I had a group of 5 boys and 1 girl and one of my boys claimed that pic. We kept telling him "There's a stranger." and he sad no no no. Finally, I am driving down a main street near church and we see these girls holding a sign "Bikini car wash." I pulled over so quick and said "There's your stranger." These girls had on their Daisy Dukes and bikini tops. They were so sweet and took a pic with him. MADE THAT 9th GRADE BOYS YEAR!!!!!!!! Best moment of the day for sure.

It was a fun fun day. I'll look through my pics and post one of the better ones. Man am I ever tired though.

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Sounds like a fun and exhausting day. Get some rest.

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That sounds like a FUN day!!!!! I cant wait to see some pics Biggrin

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Sounds like fun...I'd be exhausted, too!

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You do so many wonderful things for those kids! I wish we had a program like that in our church!

I hope you get some rest!

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Sounds like a really fun day. I hope you were able to get some rest.

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LOL at the daisy dukes- I'm sure he was happy to complete that challenge!

Sounds exhausting but fun!

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that sounds like fun!!