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How many words are you babies (yes, they are still babies, none of this toddler crap!) saying?

Brad seems to be saying more. He says Hi Bye Na-night, light, ta-ta, babie (boobie!), thanks (they both do, after everything, its so cute!), Moose (our dog), out, and he tells the dog to "go away" (I'm to blame for that). I know theres more but I can't think of them right now.

But Kaylee doenst say as much. She says Hi, Bye, ta ta Babie (boobie) thanks and book and thats about it.

Should I be concerned? Brad can say ta-ta light etc but thats about it for sentences. I just remember DD saying so much more at this point ( I know I try so hard not to compare my kids to each other but it always happens)

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Between 15 and 18 months I think you should expect 5-10 words. Your dd2 may just find she has no need to talk. Second kids are like that a lot.

Alice says thank you, Lego (cat), daddy, mommy, uh oh...and a couple more but I can't remember them. She also baby talks a lot which is cute.

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We are in the random word phase. She says about 3-4 words normally, but frequently gets a "did she just say that?!" From myself and husband and others.

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Funny how different siblings can be from each other!

DD1 was a late talker. She said "hi" "bye" and "eye" and that was it until about 21 months. (She signed some, too.)

DD2 is much more verbal. She says uh-oh, baby, hi, bye, ni-ni (night night), mama, dada, bobby (Abby- her sister), woo woo (woof for dog), nuh (nurse), muh (more), dit (sit), dat (that), boo (book), bur (bird), bi-bi-ba-boo (peekaboo). She has a handful of signs, too (no pun intended).

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Ronan isn't saying much yet, but I'm not worried about it, and my pediatrician also thinks he's fine. It's very clear that he understands pretty much everything we say to him, and will even follow instructions. He's just not that interested in actually talking. He says "uh-oh" and "Daddy" on a regular basis, and is starting to say "Mama" more often. He occasionally throws out other words, and uses some signs, but that's about it at the moment. He's just way more interested in other things right now!

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Selah is really advanced with her speaking skills. She says lots of words, too many to name, and is even putting together 3 word sentences... "I want down", "I want drink", "I want milk", "I want nanas"... etc. She also babbles up a storm of nonsense words too... tells us off and everything. Our ped was pretty shocked when I told her how much talking she is doing. I remember that DD1 only had about 10 or so words until 19 months. When she hit 19 months on the dot, she started speaking in sentences. So, I wouldn't be too worried if she only says a few words still as long as she seems to be understanding what you are saying and starting to follow basic directions, she should be fine.

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Thalia is not really speaking much. She was saying more but stopped. She says go, stop, yeaaah, she shakes her head no. She says mamma and has said Da-ddy. At her 18 month appointment the dr said to keep an eye on her for the next couple of months and gave me the number to Early Intervention should she not be speaking by 20 or so months. She said they may not see it as a big deal but to call anyway. I'm not overly concerned but her dad is. I'll wait it out till she's 20 months.

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Vanessa has lots of work but some of them I have to think to interpret it because they sound similar to other words. it isn't until a word gets clearer that I realize that is what she was saying for weeks.

Main words: mama, dada, Ma (her sister Sam), our cats names (although she has renamed one CoCo), meow, elmo, play, dora, milk,cracker, banana, balls (also her word for grapes), book,up, bye bye, oh no/uh oh, shoes, coat, outside down

Her older sister was speaking much better at this age. I was wondering if I was remembering wrong but I found video at the same age of her singing Twinkle twinkle and Itsybitsy spider and saying stuff to grandma and grandpa. We used to joke she was good at talking because she could boss the kids at daycare around. My friends kids didn't say much but by age 3, they all talked at the same level so I'm not worried yet.