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work thoughts

so this is my 3rd week back to work. The good news is i did not have a mental break down when leaving my baby girl the first few days. YAY! i did cry a bit and had to force myself to walk out the door. Luckily, my first day back she was home with DH. So here i am, sad as can be. i can barely focus on my job cause all i can do is think about her and stare at her pictures that are on my computer. (i have about 50 of them LOL). i do NOT want to be here! While i know i need the paycheck, i feel like i am wasting my time here. i twiddle my thumb quite often while here, which doesnt help at all. i am bored, which leads to more day dreaming about being at home taking care of Kendra. i hate this! If i win Zillions in the lottery i will share my winning to all my working mommy friends. :).

Ok, rant over. Back to work Sad

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It's so hard, but from what I hear, it gets easier! (I sure hope so, anyway!)

I have less than a week till I go back, and while I'm looking forward to having a little more routine, I'm not looking forward to leaving my itty bitty baby with near-strangers. (Same daycare as her big sister, so I know the director and DD1's teachers, but I don't KNOW the infant teachers, kwim?)

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I will be like that in a few weeks, I don't look forward to it.

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i go back next week. i cried with dd1 and i'm sure i will this time especially with my mild ppd. hugs to you. it will get better.

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I really dont know what to expect when i go back on the 31st

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Kendra is with DH's sister while we work, which is good, i know she is taken care of so that helps alot. i cant even imagine leaving her with almost strangers Sad