Work woes and helpful hints for when you put your LO in daycare

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Work woes and helpful hints for when you put your LO in daycare

I think most of you know that I run an in-home daycare for a living. I am so frustrated so I needed a place to vent. Sad

I have a client that recently started her daughter in my daycare a few weeks ago, she mostly speaks spanish. So we have a hard time understanding each other. I have to use google translator a lot.

anyways It clearly states in my contract that if you usually have your child in my daycare, 5 days a week, you must pay for those FIVE days. Just because you dont bring her one day, doesn't mean you only pay me for the days u bring her!

I even printed my contract off and had it translated in to spanish so she would understand. and now she owes me $150 (because she only paid me 100.00 last week instead of the full $125) but only wants to pay me $50 for both weeks, because she says her child was only here 2 days this past week (really it was THREE!)

but I said "you still have to pay for the 5 days" i mean people should know this, that I'm not just some idiot babysitter, I've been doing this almost 5 years, I have a CONTRACT for a reason, so my paychecks dont get screwed.

how would she like it if her paycheck was short just because someone ELSE didn't feel like bringing their "work"? I called my friend Alison who speaks english and spanish and she's going to call her for me and explain it. /sigh

I don't want the lady to think that I am singling her out, or bring mean, but this is my business, my livelihood. this is how I've done if for the past 4-5 years! Everyone must pay whether you bring your child here or not. If you request 3 days, you must pay for those 3 days. if you request 5, you must pay for 5.

IIIIII am here to work, so it's not my fault if you don't bring you child. I shouldn't not get paid because you didn't bring her.

This is how daycare centers do also, just as my son's preschool is doing, I pay $190 a month no matter how many days i take him or not.

I wish people would understand that its not fair that my pay check be cut short just because she didnt bring her child. I was still here, willing and ready to work.

anyways..this is what frustrates me about my job, it's mostly the parents that make my job harder. dont get me wrong, a lot of my clients are very nice and they give me bonuses and appreciate my work and pay me on time. But every now and then I get those sour apples that want to be cheap on childcare and dont want to pay me for what i deserve. I mean I am already cheap enough, if she took her child to a center, she'd be paying probably $175-200/week, I only charge $125.

GAHHH!! Thanks for listening. Smile

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That policy makes total sense! It's the same way at most daycares, I think (we pay for DD to be at dc 3 days/week regardless of whether we bring her or not). I'm sorry you are having issues! I think getting someone to interpret is a great idea.

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I know that is irritating. When I had DS1 in DC, I had to pay for all days even if he didn't go. That's how it works. Hopefully, your friend can help you out.

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Daycare is so much more expensive in Canada...crazy. Thats how it works at our daycare, I pay for 5 days regardless if she is there that many days (unless the provider takes the day off or if its a stat). The language barrier must be frustrating. Sorry you are going through this.

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I feel for ya! I did daycare several years ago & faced this same problem more than once. I hope that once your friend contacts her & explains everything, that even if she doesn't agree, she'll understand and then pay you so the issue can be resolved.

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I totAlly agree with your policy! If she doesn't, maybe you could charge her a daily fee and jack the price!

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How frustrating. Your policy makes sense to me and if it was translated into spanish then she should have understood it as well. Hopefully your friend will be able to help.

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She finally came by this morning and paid me the $100 she owed me, she said she found the contract and read it, and now she understands. she said she was sorry, and seemed nice about it. lol.

I don't see why people don't read over contracts before they put their child in daycare. I have like a 30 page contract with every detail laid out, so no one is confused on how I do things. and people never think to read them before hand. This has happend so many times, people don't read it and then suddenly they are surprised by something, and then I tell them "well it's in the contract" and show them and they are like ohhh!!! ANYWAYS so I am very glad she understands now and it's been resolved. lol *phew*