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I got to cancel my afternoon clinic today and make the doctor rounds.

My Internist saw me, told me it's asthma and NOT bronchitis (I've never had asthma before?) and gave me MORE steroids - both the pill kind and the breathe-it-in kind, plus I am now the proud owner of a nebulizer along with xopenex and atrovent. Im still taking my antibiotic, cough medicine and Mucinex/Sudafed and Singulair and Zyrtec.

Gods, I fell like a walking pharmacopeia.

apparantly, if Im not better by Monday, I have to go see a pulmonologist.

I LOVE my OB. I WISH she wasnt moving away in July!!!

ETA: I just realized the last line didnt make sense. I saw her after I saw my internist and she told me not to worry about the sugars while Im on steroids and was generally her awesome self again today. Sad Im going to miss her.

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wow that's crazy! Glad they were all able to figure it out, hope you start to feel better soon.

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Bummer. My little one may have asthma so we have a nebulizer as well...it can be a PITA but it really helps. I hope you finally find some relief.

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Ugh Star! I hope that this latest round of treatment will help!

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That sounds awful! I'm glad your OB recognizes the steroids are going to mess up your bsl and you will have no control over it (getting sick does the same thing). I hope you feel better soon - did they say the asthma is a long-term problem?

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I'm sorry to hear about the asthma, but I'm glad they figured out what was going on. Hope you feel better!

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Oh Goodness... that's a lot of medicine... hope you feel better soon!

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Wow - I didn't know you could be on all that stuff while preggo! Hope you feel better soon!

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So sorry you are sick! Asthma is the focus of my Phd so if you need any help getting pointed to some resources, send me a pm

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"mom22sofar" wrote:

So sorry you are sick! Asthma is the focus of my Phd so if you need any help getting pointed to some resources, send me a pm

That's cool.

Im not sure how he came up with the asthma vs bronchitis argument - He didnt have me do pulmonary function testing or anything. It may be that he thinks I have preexisting asthma b/c Im on Singulair normally, but I take that for really really bad allergies (and yes, I know the atopic triad...)

I had tried to get in with my allergist but he was booked full, so thats why I went to my PCP instead. The prednisone is helping SOME, not sure if the Pulmicort is doing anything or not at this point - he gave me the dry powder inhaler, which doesnt have the same kind of lung distribution as the nebulized kind (which I would have preferred), so who knows.

I will at least be following up with my allergist after this if not an actual pulmonologist. I've done PFTs in the past as part of allergy workups and I've always passed all of them with way above average results (Im a singer) havent done the methylcholine challenge, though, and my allergist is very hesitant to do it (not that I blame him).

In any case, I just want to be able to speak in full sentences and walk up and down the stairs if I need to - WITHOUT gasping for air.

doing yet another atrovent/xopenex neb at the moment...the one from 7 am this morning didnt last all the way through the morning. Boo.


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I hope you feel better soon!