Wow, contractions

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Wow, contractions

Dh and I dtd tonight and right after I started having very regular, can't talk through it contractions. I'm still having contractions now but the intensity is a lot better and they are spacing apart. I was just about to call the midwife when they started getting better.

I guess that is the last time we are dtd until 37 weeks.

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Eeek. Glad they are calming down for you.

Sorry you're likely on pelvic rest now. That'd drive my DH absolutely insane.

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Glad they have gone down a little. I was having minor contractions yesterday and the day before. I think I was over doing it though, with the baby shower and then cleaning up after the baby shower, my body was worn out.

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This happens to me everytime, especially if I O!! You'll go from intense pleasure to sudden pain. I find what works fo rme is to immediately turn over to my right side and not stay on my back. Did you stay on your back or turn over? I hope it doesn't mean the end of DTD!! Smile

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Yikes! I'm on pelvic rest too...luckily at this point I don't feel much like DTD anymore anyways Lol I told dh when I get desperate enough to want baby out we can try again

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DTD always gives me contractions for a few hours afterwards (its been this way for months now)... needless to say, it has been few and far between lately. My poor DH... give me another week to hit 37 weeks though and then we'll see what happens. Wink

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Yikes! I hope it was worth it Wink

I am glad they are calming down!