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    Default Yesterday's Appointment

    We had our appointment yesterday and my mw confirmed that the pains have to be RL pains. She suggested I not move too fast when shifting in bed etc. Once again she was a little concerned with my BP. She says its normal for a non prego person but a tad high for a prego person as pregnant women tend to have lower BP especially starting in the second trimester. She told me to cut out the salt and processed foods

    Towards the end of the appointment I decided to ask the nurse that was drawing my blood if the mw is the one who delivers the babies. The nurse said she would like to but in the majority of cases she does not make it and an OB winds up delivering the babies I don't like this at all and am contemplating switching to another mw at this point.

    On a better note, she mentioned that the NT scan u/s and first bloodwork looked good but that they cannot give a result until the second blood work results (which they drew yesterday) return. I don't anticipate a problem. Baby's hb was nice and strong on the doppler. Overall a good appointment other than the "she probably won't deliver your baby" thing. I just think it's weird that an OB who knows nothing about me will come in the last minute to deliver.


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    Glad everything looked good for the most part!
    I'd talk to your midwife about the delivery at your next appointment. Last pregnancy one of the midwives left when I was in my third trimester leaving just one midwife for all of their patients....obviously they can't be on call 24/7, and in the end I did have an ob 'deliver' my son but my midwife said she was sure to tell all the nurses that when her patients came in to treat them as she would and I had a WONDERFUL nurse who actually ended up delivering my son because he came before the ob did, the ob delivered the placenta and then left Overall it was pretty much everything I wanted, the nurse let me grab and pull him up to my belly even.
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    Glad you're appt. went well. I'm surprised they wouldn't give you any NT results without the second bw results. I guess you'll find out soon. I can understand your discomfort with a stranger delivering you. At my OB there are three doctors (four when I had Brandon) and you are delivered by the one on call. I didn't know that the first time around and I didn't end up with my doctor...I didn't see my doctor until my fourth day in the hospital. This time around, I've made it a point to make appointments with each of the other two doctors in the practice so that there won't be any surprises delivery day. Is there a specific OB they use? If so, perhaps you could meet with him/her in advance and see if you like them. Otherwise, you can always switch midwives, if you are really uncomfortable with the situation.
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    I would be bothered by that as well. If I'm paying the MW to be there I would expect them to be there for the delivery unless there was an emergency. If she normally doesn't make it to the delivery that would seem to be a problem. I want someone who knows my whole history in case something goes wrong.
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    I am glad to hear the baby is healthy! So tough to give up the "good" foods though - good luck with that!

    I was delivered by an OB that I hadn't met before (my OB was on call but his shift was up by the time DD decided to come). I did see him though. I really didn't care when I was pushing who delivered me in the moment though. I actually didn't even see him until he was stitching me up because I delivered on my hands and knees...
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    That does suck about the possibility of you not being delivered by the midwife. That would irritate me as well.

    Glad everything else looks decent. Good luck on the diet, it's totally worth it, but a difficult change, I'm sure.
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    I'm glad the appointment went well! I would definitely talk to the MW about it at the next appointment, and if you're not happy with the situation, there's still plenty of time to switch. I doubt that my midwife will be the deliver this little guy. It's a large practice of midwives, so I'll still have a midwife (as opposed to an OB), but it will just be whoever is on call, not necessarily my primary midwife. It's definitely one thing I miss about the OB I went to during my first pregnancy. She almost always delivered her patients, even if she wasn't on call.
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