Yesterday's Appointment

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Yesterday's Appointment

The highlight of the appointment was that four, yes, four different people took my bp. The first nurse that took it made a sound that I knew was not a good thing (like expelling air in a high pitched tone) and she took it a second time. Then she looked real concerend and asked me if my bp was high in this pg. I knew this was not good. Then she took urine which thank God did not have protein in it, then moved me to another room where another nurse took my bp, which she said was also high, I believe she said something like 140 over 85??? Then my midwife came in, had me lay on my left side and took it again but could not hear it, and wound up saying it was fine. She had a third nurse come in to check it while I was still laying down and she got 100/60. My mw said I may have some PIH and she made an appointment for 3 weeks to check on it.

Other highlights, the mw said she was actually reviewing my file earlier and said that I made a good call to reject the amnio because the "incidence of miscarriage from amnio is a lot more that what they quote you" - I was surprised she actually said this. She said in her experience the amnio causes the water to break prematurely and the baby is delivered early perfectly healthy (nothing wrong to begin with). She told me that if it were a big problem they would have detected it on the u/s and they didn't so she said it was probably a little dimple or dot if anything. She told me not to worry, that everything looked good, but that we may have a few extra u/s's to check on it as we go along. Smile She shared with me that she was even born with a tiny hole in her spine and she has a child that was also born with a dimple and they are perfectly fine. She also said that she has a friend who had a child with a bigger hole that required surgery but the child is perfectly fine except for some work that was done to her bladder.

Also, Thalia was very active yesterday and I actually got to see from the outside when she kicked the doppler probe. It was so cool! The mw said, "she's moving" LOL. She said the hb sounded real good for 22 weeks.

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Glad they were willing to take your bp a few times. I hope is stays down for you!

Sounds like a great appointment!

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Glad your appt. went well. I had PIH last time but it was under control by the time I got to the third trimester. I started off this pg with slightly high BP but I'm convinced it was the stress because it's been completely normal since the spotting episodes stopped (last check it was something like 118/77). Hopefully your BP will be back to normal by your next appt.

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Glad your BP came down and that your appt ended well!

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Glad it came down....its good ur mw is so supportive

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Sounds like a good appt. I had slight PIH with my last pregnancy and was on bed rest for about 3 wks or so.