Are you on the list, and is it correct?

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Are you on the list, and is it correct?

Is everyone on the EDD list who wants to be? If you've had gender results, are they up there and correct? Any changes to EDDs, or new additions to Team Green?

Thanks for doublechecking me!

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I'm good! Smile

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I'm not on the list. I am due September 13.

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Won't know gender for at least a month, and hope to find out my exact EDD today at my u/s. Will post and let ya know for sure later Biggrin

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Mine is correct Smile

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My EDD is 31 Aug now. if you feel like updating, go for it. if not, ok too! Smile we all know 4 days isnt that big of a difference in the end! LOL

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Looks good, although we are now deciding to find out at our ultrasound next month. I will let you know ...:)

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I'm due September 17 and it's a boy!

Thank You Blum 3

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Updated! Thanks, ladies. Smile

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i'm on it and mine is right. will find out gender next week and will be sure to let you know.

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I'm correct for now...but we'll know the gender in a few weeks.

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I am due Sept 26th, team green!