*VENT* And how late should I wait??

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*VENT* And how late should I wait??

So I am now 8 days late. This is as early as I've ever had a baby, and both of my kids were induced (41w+1, 42w+1) so who knows how long I could go. This time, I really wanted to go into labour on my own, but I'm already feeling defeated.

First would be my mum, I see her almost everyday and we talk on the phone a lot. The pressure is getting a bit much. I know she just wants another healthy grandchild, and everything she says is out of fear something will go wrong while I'm waiting, but I wish she'd accept I'm doing it my way and not be so negative. Maybe she can tell all the negativity is starting to work?

Second is my doctor. I have said, no sweeps (I had 5 with my daughter and still needed inducing at 42 weeks, why would I want to punish myself for nothing?!) no internals, no induction. And now, of course right??, at Mondays appointment he offered to do all those things at our next appointment (one week later), and didnt seem to hear me when I protested, so I gave up and agreed. I have no intention of doing an internal or a sweep, and the induction is booked for the 27th, so 42w+2. I'm more upset that he wont let me wait until the end of the month because the 30th is on a weekend, he wont book an induction on the weekend, in my state in Aussie oct 1 is a public holiday, and he also mentioned 'taking that week off'. Like I care!! who delivers my baby, doesnt have to be him. I did a CTG and everything looked good.

I went to that appointment feeling hopeful I would be able to wait this baby out, and left feeling like she'll never come out. I know 27th is still a good 8 days away, but my confidence of going into labour myself by then has just dissappeared. I hate that he made me feel like that. My body feels pretty good. I'm not miserable with pregnancy. I did walk to the toilet desperately this morning because I thought I would pee myself with every step, but I made it and it's only a first thing in the morning deal. My hip hurt in the morning too, but thats gone only 2 hrs after getting up. I dont see why I have to fit the mold of the average suffering overdue pregnant woman who needs intervention. Why cant they take patients on their case by case status. I'm okay, baby is okay, and I naturally am a late baby maker. Why cant they let me wait a little bit without all the stress, I feel like it only adds to me being unable to go into labour.

I dont know what to do about the induction date. Everytime I see a doctor, I feel more scared about a bad outcome from waiting past due dates so late. I only go to check the baby, and baby is doing fine. Does anyone know of some nice 'very late' baby stories?? It would be good to hear some right now!!