2 super finds!! (I think...)

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2 super finds!! (I think...)

I'll let you know what I think for sure when I actually get to touch and play with them. For now, I'm super excited!

1) I've had my eye on Milkies milk savers Happy Moms . Healthy Babies | Milkies for a while now. But, at about $25-30 for one, I just couldn't justify it. I did a little hunting and came across these Amazon.com: Philips AVENT Comfort Breast Shells, 2-Pack: Baby Which appear to be very similar! The description says it includes 2 breast milk collection shells with pouring spouts. $13.59 for TWO!! They should be arriving at my door any minute. The one thing I'm not sure about is, the Milkies comes with a stand to set the thing in when it's full of milk, the Avent one does not mention anything like that. So, if there is nothing for that, I may have to improvise.

2) Way back when my boys were babies, I had this carseat http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i210/Live-momma/Carseats/UploadSIV.jpg I loved it SO much because of the awesome strap for carrying, instead of the akward handle on other car seat/carriers. I've been dreading using the new seat we bought baby girl because I know I'm going to hate it after having used the strap for so long. Today, I came across this Amazon.com: Flying Falcon Infant Car Seat Carrier: Baby I did a quick look on craigslist and found one in my area, brand new, asking price $18. I offered $12, and she said "sure!" Eeeeeeekk! I'll be getting that sometime this weekend. I can't wait to try this thing out!

Super, super great week of baby steals for me!!

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I used the breast shells with my first and they worked great to prepare my nibbies! You are a great deal finder. I think this will come in handy for your new job!

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I watched the video on that Milkies site, and LOL'd the entire time! It looks like a great product but the video itself was HILARIOUS.