28 wk appt, GD test, tucks

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28 wk appt, GD test, tucks

Had my OB appt today. I barely passed the 1 hour. woo hoo! Her cutoff is 140 and I was at 135. I was pretty darn happy I didn't have to take the 3hr! Both babies are well. Both are officially head down. She says our hospital sees about 2 twin vaginal births a year so the whole hospital will want to come watch if I go vaginal. LOL. Oh my.
If I do end up in a c-section, she is going to do a mini tuck since it's my last babies. Now I'm torn. I don't want the recovery, but I want the tuck. Plus, if I have a c-section I'm getting my tubes tied. I like the idea of getting to go vaginal cuz I think it would be a neat experience and easy recovery. I'm just going to let the babies decide. They have plenty of flipping time left. So who knows how it will end up?
My uterus was measuring 34 weeks. YIKES! Now I go every 2 weeks. Anyway, easy peasy appt.

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Glad things went well! And glad you passed the 1 hour - 3 hours SUCKED! LOL!

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Glad your apt went good! Im also glad her cut off was a little higher than were you ended up at to avoid the 3 hr. Thats a lot of info to take in and try to make a decision about...

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Ooooh, I would be so tempted to opt for a cs if I was planning on having all that done anyway!
I hope the babies stay in position for you and glad everything went well.

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Yah!!! I am so glad your appt went well and babies are doing well. My US is tomorrow and GD test monday. Fingers crossed!

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That is a tough decision, but I think you have the right attitude with letting the babies decide. My only advice is to be very open-minded to it going either way. My plan was to VBAC with DS but at 40 weeks he was not showing signs of coming out and he was measuring to be about 9lbs. I went ahead and opted for the c/s the next day. I have personally found that recovering from a c/s really isn't that bad even when already having a LO (DD was 17 months at the time) at home that wanted to be picked up. Good luck with your decision!!