37 week appt today

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37 week appt today

My OB ordered an U/S last week because I was measuring large. I went in thinking "yeah right" cuz DD was also measuring large and only was 7lb 9oz at 10 days overdue.
Sydney Shae is measuring 9lbs 14 oz!!!! I mean even with the error rate of 15 percent thats an 8.5lb baby at least and she still has 3 weeks to bake! I think I now know why I've been a lumbering beast the past few weeks. The good news is I'm only up 23lbs total and almost half of that is baby....so I'm doing really good on my weight!
I think VBAC is pretty much ruled out at this point, but I really am ok with that. I just hope she bakes until 9/25 so DH can come back at the planned time and not have to rush across the state for the delivery.

(OT-week 2 of solo mommy is going well. Just need to get a little more organized now that work is starting.)

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Wow, good luck!!

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I personally don't trust the u/s measurements for size at this point. Hopefully it isn't right for you....good luck! Smile

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Wow!!!! 8lbs is manageable. My older two were over 8lbs. Hopefully you don't have a 10 pounder! Yikes! Almost there!! Yay!

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Holy moly!! That is one big baby. Hopefully the measurements were a little off. And that is awesome about your weight gain. I am super jealous you have only gained 23 pounds. I hope your DH is able to make it back in time for the new arrival.