38 week appointment

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38 week appointment

I am measuring a little bigger than I should although the doctor didn't seem too concerned. I however am very concerned because my daughter was 9lbs. 3oz. and I had an episiotomy and tore (bad recovery). So, I asked him given this, if they would wait the same amount of time (41weeks) to induce and he said yes, they don't induce for big babies because it increases the chance of needing a c-section. Now, I know a c-section is probably no picnic but I think I would rather have one clean cut in my stomach versus the mess I was left with from vaginal delivery. Maybe I should communicate that but I don't know if it would make a difference. Sorry for babbling on...I have my fingers crossed that this baby will come on her own and not be as big but my gut feeling is that I'm destined to have another late arrival.

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I hope it works out! You should express your concerns, though....it's your body.

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you never know! i felt the same way and ended going into labor early so keep your chin up! you might too! but you should talk to your dr...maybe get an u/s and if baby is measuring too big opt for a csec!

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I would def talk to your doc and get an U/S to check things out. I wouldn't want to push a 10lb baby out. Keep us posted!