3D ultrasound pics!

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3D ultrasound pics!

Our sweet baby girl! She is about 3.25-3.5lbs, 17" long. She likes her feet, hands, and cord in her face. She also likes to smoosh her face into my side. She has wispy hair at the back of her neck. We couldn't tell if there was more because of how pressed into me she was. Even though she was a little cramped, making it so we couldn't get really good shots, I'm so glad we did this. Smile

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awwww she is soo adorable!!! aww we share the same wedding anniversary I just seen it in your siggy!! congrats hun...

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awww! why do they have to smoosh their faces into you so you cant get clear shots? lol. but at least you got a peek at what she looks like--even tho we didnt get great shots im glad we did it to, esp for peace of mind!

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That's awesome! I like the last one!! Smile

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So sweet! She looks very snuggly in there!!

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Such awesome pics - how sweet!