48 hours 'n counting!

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48 hours 'n counting!

My C/S is a little less than 48 hours away! I'm so excited, but starting to feel unprepared! hehe
DH is home for his Pat. leave so that takes some load off. My belly is huge....much bigger than my final day with DD1, and she was 10 days late.
Guess today would be a good day to pack my hospital bag, huh? Wink

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I would think so! Smile

Good luck!

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Don't worry, I didn't pack my hospital bag until the night before. Have fun and enjoy tomorrow. And good luck!!!

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Good Luck!!! Can't wait to see pictures and birth story!!

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Good luck! It must feel great to know you'll soon be holding your baby!

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Can't wait!! Good luck! Hope it goes wonderfully!