6 weeks pp visit

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6 weeks pp visit

Has my visit and it went well. My incision has healed great. Can't believe that part of my life is all done. Now I am going to enjoy my 4 kids and all the milestones that come along each age. Here's my pp pic. I'm 5lbs away from my pre preggo weight. But I still need to lose 15lb after that. I'm ready to start exercising again!

From this:

To this:

My little nap partners:

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Awesome! I hope I'm that close at 6 weeks. I am 17 lbs out now, but considering I gained just over 60 I feel good.

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Wow, awesome! I know I had lost 40 last week and am still losing fluid. I have about 20 lbs to get to my pre-preggo weight, and then went to lose more.

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You look great! I cant wait to exercise either-Im 2lb from my pre-pregnancy weight and just dying to get the gym or ride my bike but i wont push it since my incision was infected until I get the all clear.

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You look great!!! I'm so jealous as I waddle around. I'm glad you are healing and enjoying your four kids!!

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You look amazing Kristina! and I swear those babies just keep getting cuter. Smile