Aiden is here!

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Aiden is here!

Labor finally began on Friday morning at 10 am. My contractions were consistent at 5-6 minutes apart, so I went walking at Costco and Target to see if it was real. At around 2ish, I called in and was told to go get checked. In triage, I was 3 cm and thinned a bit, so the OB told me to walk the halls for and hour to see if anything changed. I progressed to 4 cm!

After being admitted, I got my epidural right away and the wait began. Progress was really slow so they gave me pitocin. After about two hours my contractions were strong and one right after another. Still, progress was slow. It was about 10 pm before I got to 5-6 cm and I didn't hit 9 cm until around 4 am.

Finally, around 6 am I got the serious pressure and the urge to push. By this time, the pressure was so great that the epidural was not as effective and I could feel Aiden moving into the birth canal. I knew it was time when I felt the "ring of fire" sensation.

I am proud to say that after much labor and crazy pressure-pain, I birthed an 8 lb. 20 inch little boy vaginally. It was super intense , but well worth it. My son looks so much like his sister did and was born one day earlier in the timeline than she was.

I will post pictures soon!

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Congrats!!!! Can't wait for pics!!

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Congratulations!! It sounds like you did great. I can't wait to see pictures!

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Yay congrats!!

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