Another dr visit

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Another dr visit

So the reflex meds have worked, but now syds congestion is really apparent. She almost chokes on phlegm and started having trouble nursing for very long b4 she has to delatch to catch her breath. So i got her in this am. They gave her antibios for a possible minus infection but also tested her for pertussis. I really hope it's just a sinus thing. We will hear back in this3 days.

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Hope everything goes ok!

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Praying she does not have pertussis!!! Please keep us posted. Hope she feels better soon!

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I hate congestion, Levi battled w that a little bit to. I feel so bad cuz you cant do anything for them really but try to suck it out-he had it like i did so far up his nose that you couldnt get it out...ugh. Hope she doesnt have pertussis, Im happy that at his 2 mo he got that vaccine, its so hard when they are little!!