Appointment today

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Appointment today

Had an ultrasound and appontment today. Baby A is 5 lbs 10 oz, head down and looking good. Baby B is 5 lbs 11 oz, breech and almost transverse! Ugh! I had a feeling he had moved - the doctor said if it remains that way, he will have no choice but to do a c-section - hopefully he moves! He is not scheduling me for anything yet - everything looks too good, he said, and is going to let me go for right now. I'm measuring right on - he said I'm more wide than high (only man I will ever allow to tell me I'm wide LOL) I have my Group B test next week - weekly appointmetns and continue with the weekly NST's.

I was really hoping to get a date today - this having no idea when it might actually happen is making my planning too hard!!

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Wow Erica, you're doing great growing those babies! Sorry B turned, fingers crossed he'll go head down soon!

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sounds Good..Hope baby B turns and things go smoothly Smile Good luck!

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Yah the babies are doing so well and I completely understand the wanting to have an end date. You are doing so awesome. I hope I'm going as strong as you are at 36 weeks!

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Such great weights! Sounds like things are going pretty well, we like those kind of appointments! I've heard so much about 'spinning babies' for tips on getting babies into a good position. I wonder if anything on that site would work with twins? I'll keep my fingers crossed for 2 boys in perfect positions for you.

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I did look that up - I don't think I can physically do those things right now, I'm actually afraid I would hurt myself!!

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Glad to hear that all went well. Sorry that baby B has decided to turn--hopefully he will turn head down again. Sorry you didn't get a date yet, I understand wanting to be able to plan and know for sure when things will happen.

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I hope B turns!!

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good apt, glad to see they are both good weights! hope b moves for you! and lol at the only man to tell you youre wide comment