Appointment and ultrasound today.

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Appointment and ultrasound today.

Everything looked good, they are both head down now! One is 4 lb, other is 4.7lb! It was harder to get measurements, A kept hiding his head behind B! I have my next appt in 2 weeks and will start the NST's. I'm measuring 37 weeks currently. Other than that, no issues!

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That is awesome Erica!!!! Those boys are really growing. Congrats on such a great appointment!

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Sounds like things couldn't be better - yay!

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Big boys!! Glad your appt went well. You don't have much longer to go! I cannot wait to see pictures of them.

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Sounds like a great appointment and Yay for both boys being head down!!

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That's awesome! Sounds like you're doing a great job growing healthy babies. Have you decided who will get which name yet?

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Baby that comes first gets Rayce, 2nd Ryin.

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