Appt - mixed update

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Appt - mixed update

Babies still growing well. Lucas at 5 15oz, Olivia 6lb.

Dr very concerned due to high protein for 2nd week, swelling and headaches. Have to do 24 hr protein test. They took my BP 3 times. It was in normal range but highe than I usually am. Fingers crossed for good news next week and relief of some symptoms.

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I hope your protein test goes well. Keep taking it easy and keep those babies growing. They will be here soon and you will feel so much better. We are all in the home stretch now.

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"DannyT" wrote:

Babies still growing well. Lucas at 5l 15oz, Olivia 16lb.


Olivia is 16 lbs!?! Please tell me that is a typo. I did have a friend with 2 sets of twins (first b/g, 2nd identical boys) and for each baby they were 9-10lbs - biggest twins ever born at that hospital! She had over 20lbs of babies with both sets of twins.

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Margaret - total typo was updating during my never ending NST because Lucas wouldn't stay on the monitor they are only 1 oz different 5 15 and 6 even....

I don't think they will let me go full term but I bet these guys would be 9 lbs if they let me go full term, They have put on over a lb each the last 3 wks

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Danielle, wow those babies are growing! Oh gosh, that's a total of 12 lbs?
::fingers crossed:: that you feel better and everything is okay...

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Hope all is well with your protein test and I hope your bp stays Under... Good luck sweetie

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Hope all goes well! My BP was higher at my last appointment too.....our bodies are working hard!!

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Hope your bp and protein test turn out great! Babies are a great size and are going to be soooo healthy!

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Great sizes! Hope everything works out & you feel better.