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Appt today

Heartbeats both in the 140's, measuring 7 weeks ahead! There is nothing I can go to help up my platelet count, the dr will just monitor. He believes it's pregnancy induced, since I was fine at the beginning. I'm going Monday and Tuesday to get steroid shots for lung development. Best part, my dres code prohibits flip flops, but he wrote me a note so I can wear them!!

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Wow 7 weeks! Go girl!!

Are you getting steroid shots because they are identical? I've never heard of getting the shots unless preterm labor is imminent. I'm curious!

Yay for flip flops!!

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My doctor recommends them, because twins don't usually go full term. He said some doctors discuss them, some don't. I hadn't heard about it until he mentioned it 2 weeks ago.

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ha, what a great dr to write you a note for flip flops! glad babes are doing well! so he thinks they'll be born early huh? exciting

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How great that your dr gave you a note to wear flip flops....are you having much swelling in your feet? I can't believe we are already to getting to the point where steroid shots are being discussed and administered. We are getting closer to the end!!

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Yay for healthy babies and flip flops at work! Sounds like your doc is on top of things.

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He is a great doctor!

My feet as pretty swelled up - it's been really hot here in PA the past few days!

He's not sure if they will be born really early, but he wants to make sure things are good as possible if they are.

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Glad he is cautious, I cannot believe I missed this last week and that you are already 7 weeks out!!!