Appt update....

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Appt update....

Had my 36 week appt today....I am now 1 cm dilated and 60% -3 station. The best news is that I am GBS -! :woohoo:
I am sitting here typing this timing contractions (3 am). They are coming about every 4-6 minutes....don't know if it is going to turn into anything. It would be nice to be done, but it is still a bit early and I think that I am coming down with the awful cold that my boys had last week. I will KUP.

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Sounds like a good appointment! I always like to hear about my progression! yay for being GBS-!!

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Getting closer! KUP! (And, I'm just a teensy bit jealous!!!!!!!! LOL)

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Yay for a good appointment! I'm hopefully getting checked today, I was only fingertip 2 weeks ago, which we know with lots of kids that's the same as closed. lol

They tested you early for that beta strep though? I think I'm getting tested today.

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Yah - it sounds like you are progressing! And double YAH for being GBS -!

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They tested you early for that beta strep though?

They tested me a week early because several of my babies were born at 37 weeks and they wanted to make sure they had the results in.

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Great news about being gbs - , I'm getting tested next week and doc started checking me last week. No progress though. I thought he'd say for sure I was at least a fingertip....ah well, soon enough! How are you feeling this morning?

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So glad you were negative and that progress is awesome!

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Yay for the GBS negative. Progress is exciting, hopefully you can hold out a touch longer though. My DS was a 36 weeker and good to go though so it's not too, too early!

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How are you feeling this morning?

I am tired and sore....still having some contractions but not nearly as often or strong.

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Yahoo Hooray for a great appointment, progress and GBS negative! Only a few more days until you are 37 weeks! Can't wait to meet Keely!

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I had my 36 week appt todau and was gbs- too! Whoohoo! No progress yet but getting tons of BH contractions so hopefully something happens for us both soon!

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At my 36 wk appt they checked and I was only a fingertip. Fast forward a few days, I had contractions all night long and some mucus (tmi). I'm guessing I'm dilated some now but I don't think they'll check again until my 39 wk appt. Unfortunately for me I am GBS +, nothing new, my last 2 were also. My labors go so fast that it wont matter though, the downside is longer in the hospital. My 37 wk appt is today so we'll see what the midwife has to say.

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yay for a negative Gbs And another yay for almost getting there...Did you do anything special to speed up the progress?