Appt Update!

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Appt Update!

well they strapped me to the heart monitor and monitored her heart and movement....everything Good!! then they checked my fluid levels on an ultrasound and the Doctor said I have lots of fluid and well everything looks good..I even got a pic of Emma looking into the ultrasound..soo cute...She also checked me vaginally and Im 1 centimeter and Im thinned out...she said its good...she gave another appt for next wed but she is hoping I dont make it and hopefully will be going into labor anytime soon...I am getting contractions they are just really spread about and I dont feel the pain at all just We shall see what happens...Miss Emma is a Diva and is making her debut at her own

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Great news, fingers crossed!

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Thanks Danny Smile Im hoping sometime this week I really dont want to go another week...

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Good luck!!

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You're getting there.....fingers crossed for you!

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So close!!! Hope it happens TONIGHT!