baby turned!

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baby turned!

So I know it's very silly to be so excited about this but the baby has finally turned from transverse! After DS was breech I've been paranoid that she was never going to turn as she's been transverse for weeks. She made some really uncomfortable moves Thursday evening and then sleeping on my side was much more comfortable Thursday night. I asked the doctor to check her position Friday and she did a quick u/s to check and the head was right there!

This dr is new and very young but I love her for doing the u/s to make me feel better. DD was with me for the first time and even though at 2 she has no idea what she was looking at, the dr moved up a little and we saw an arm moving. She told DD that the baby was waving at us which thrilled her all day!

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Yay, that's good news!!

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Yay, hope she stays that way.

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Yah!!! now to stay put!