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Officially put on bedrest today.

Swelling has gotten pretty bad - hands, fingers, face legs, feet. Doctor is talking about accelerating delivery to 37 weeks since my body is fighting this pregnancy. BP is up too. Will probably know more for sure Monday.....

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37 weeks isn't too far away! Take care of yourself & those babies!

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take it easy-hope you get to that milestone

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37 weeks will be a great time. Rest rest rest!!! Lordy, I'm getting so excited for you! It's 2am here and I'm feeding babies! Smile

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That's only a week!!!! Smile

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Rest up Smile enjoy the quiet time now, the fun is about to begin!!

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Oh my goodness!! Put your feet up, and ... I don't know... somehow pass the time?... How exciting, that's only a week away! I hope the swelling isn't too painful. Sad You've done an amazing job baking those babies so long.

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I am sorry to hear about the bedrest....I have been there before, not too much fun. Definitely use this time to get some rest before your precious LOs are born. *hugs*