Belly feels like an overfilled basketball

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Belly feels like an overfilled basketball

Okay guys - is it normal for your belly to feel this tight all the time? 1st pregnancy to this point, I know it's twins but man you can bounce a quarter off my belly...

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I was wondering the same thing...

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I would say you are fine - mine is like that sometimes.

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Mine is so tight too! It's normal.

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I am having more and more days feeling like my belly is over-inflated....I can't imagine how you are feeling with twins.

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Ditto to what Jenae said! It is hard to believe it will ever look normal again!

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Thanks for the support guys and yes Joei - every time I look down I wonder if I'll ever see ribs again. I have so much belly!!!!

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Ugh I am the same way! Can someone come and pop me LOL

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Mine is super super tight at times. I tell dh to feel and he's like geez, you having a contraction? Nope, just that tight. I was telling him last night after dinner that it felt like my belly was going to explode. I can't imagine what having two would feel like!