Belly Pics (new thread)

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Belly Pics (new thread)

I thought I would start a new thread since the other is a week or so old....

Here is mine at 37 weeks and 2 days (excuse the ragged look I am sporting....I was off to bed after a very long day)

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This was Saturday (37 weeks)

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I took this on Sunday.. I posted in the other thread but I'll repost it here lol.

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36 weeks

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Awww!! All your bellies make me miss mine!! Wish I had made it this far.

Here's my belly bandit picture. I can't say enough how great it is!!

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Wow Kristina - You look great!

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Beautiful ladies, beautiful bellies!! Kristina... OMG, amazing!!

Here's me from Tuesday, 35 weeks.

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You all look great! I haven't changed from my last pic. Kristina, I ordered the Belly glad I did after seeing your pic!