And the countdown has begun...

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And the countdown has begun...

Next week is my last week at work and I LOVE that it is a short week. Monday is a holiday and I am taking a personal day to make sure that all of my lesson plans are in order for my sub.

I went to the doctor last week and was told that everything looks great, I have lost 4 lbs., and I am "long and closed." No dilation yet, but that was the same with DD.

BH are coming pretty frequently and I think little man causes them sometimes with his movements. He is stretching a lot and letting me know that he is running out of room. Blum 3

I will hit the 37 week mark on Wednesday and then it's a waiting game from there. DD came at 38 1/2 weeks and my doctor says that it is likely that I will go around the same time with this one. The waiting is the hardest part. I can't believe I am already here! It won't be real until I push and he arrives. With DD, my life flashed before my eyes when they told me she was crowning and then I couldn't believe my emotions when she was born.

Almost there, ladies!!!

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Im right there with you sweetie...Final countdown can't wait to meet these lilttle kickboxers insde us Wink

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Have a great last week of work! We're getting close! I told my little guy just this morning he can come anytime since I am officially full term:)

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Yay!! That will be nice to have a little time for final preps, and relaxing! I feel almost the same as you in what you wrote... the BH, the stretching. I'll hit 37w on Tues, and had all my babies in week 38 (well, my 1st was 39w, 0d). I keep randomly saying "omg, we're going to have a baby... ANY DAY NOW!" It really is just so surreal.

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That's exciting!!! Plus, I think you're team green so now I'm very very curious what you're having!

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Soon we can all start talking BABY!