Date on the calendar - Good progress

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Date on the calendar - Good progress

So OB scheduled 9/6 for me if I don't go before then. She seemed pretty hopeful that I would go into labor on my own. I started having contractions this weekend on and off so she said to walk (in my pool or in ac) and use my EPO to help encourage me to go sooner.

My blood and other test results are in progress but BP is holding normal and my dip test today showed no protein so she things that if something was going on it's flushed through my system.

Hopefully we are in the clear for these next two weeks. Now to find the fortitude to hang in the next two weeks.

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Yay!!! I bet you don't make it to September. I'm guessing next week. Your babies are great weights and will be born very healthy! I'm excited for you to experience this. It's very hard work but totally worth it!!

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Yay for having a date & for no protein. Smile You're doing awesome!!! I know it's so difficult but almost there. Smile

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It all sounds great sweetie!! Good Luck!!

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Yay almost there! I'm hoping for my date Thursday!

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That is awesome having a final date!! I hope you can make it that long and keep baking those babies.

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So happy the protein is gone! I'm glad you have an end in can do it!

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How exciting to have a "for sure" end date and yay for no protien!! I hope things continue to go well!