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Ok I'm confused. All my 2 seem to do us eat, sleep or cry about sleeping. I thought there was more interaction by now?? They look at us while eating, etc, but they don't seem interested in anything else.

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Mine still don't have a lot of interaction. Evie is just starting to smile. They just started focusing their eyes better this week. I'd say for your full term guys it might be 3ish more weeks for more interaction.

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Thanks! I just get worried - now it's 2x! I think they are both close to smiling - we had some fun time this afternoon!

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I'm glad to hear you had fun this afternoon. I'm sure they'll be all smiles soon!

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I don't know anything about twin development but at 4 weeks old, Molly only eats, sleeps, and cries too. She hasn't smiled at me, only when she is sleeping. All she does is stare at me and then goes cross-eyed. I look forward to her smiling and cooing. Hopefully it happens soon.

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Levi has been giving me a smile on occasion since 2.5 weeks ago, but just with in the past week he has been smilling at me, out of recognization and his big brother to, still hasnt really smiled at daddy. He mainly just sleeps and eats to but he has a period of time where he is up and I talk to him, having conversations and he smiles, coos, kicks, moves his legs while doing this, and this only last for 10 or so minutes then he gets fussy cuz hes done. He has just recently seeming to focus his eyes more to on things, and it seemed to me yesterday that he is trying to get the curtain next to his changing table that he loves to look at. They'll get there.