Diapering help from BTDT moms with boys...

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Diapering help from BTDT moms with boys...

I am using Pampers Swaddlers and am having an interesting issue.

I change Aiden every time he eats (about every 2 -3 hours) and though his diapers are not saturated by any means AND the back of the diaper is almost always dry, I find that his onesie is wet up the back. What the heck? How does he get pee pee up his back without wetting the back of the diaper?

Am I doing something wrong? Are Pampers the wrong choice in diapers? Should I be positioning his penis in a specific way to help with this?

Boys are a new adventure for me and this is an interesting challenge. Last night we went through 4 different outfits!


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Are you pointing his penis down when you put on the new diaper? We had some interesting wet areas with DS initially but Pampers Swaddlers worked great. Maybe it's pointing up and somehow the pee is just traveling around the non absorbent top part of the diaper to the onesie?

Sorry, that's my only suggestion, hopefully someone who has dealt with this more recently has a great idea.

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I was going to say the same thing, be sure and point his penis down before you close the new diaper. That should fix it.

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Mom of 2 boys here who also used Pamper Swaddlers. I tried other diapers but had the best luck with pamper's, although I wonder if that has to do with the build of the child. Anyway, just wanted to second Laura's advice...be sure his penis is pointing down when you close the diaper. Otherwise I can't think of a reason the back of his onesie is so wet.

Congratulations on your little boy! Smile

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I agree with all the others-we always use pampers to, and usually its just the penis being positioned slightly to the side...i somehow got peed on my bottom of my shirt somehow through the changing table as well as on levi and cant figure out how that happened-since the changing table is higher than my waist...ahhh the joys of boys Smile

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Thanks for the advice. It's so odd to try and point his penis down and make it stay since it is so small. I tried it with his last diaper change and now he is napping on his back, so we will see if it works. Smile Crossed fingers for no more wet onesies!

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That's what we were told - boys were new for me too! We had the same problem, still do sometimes if I don't remember! LOL

On a side note: Huggies DID NOT work for us - leaked every time, even with pointing it down! Annoying! We actually use a generic brand from a local company in my area that work great!

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Thanks for the tip!! Boys are new to me too. I havent been allowed to change his diaper yet..