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doc appt update

Had my appt today. Both babies are transverse. They are bunk bed style. Not cool guys! I want you head down! Oh well, they have time to flip! I was worried because I hadn't felt a lot of movement in a couple days. I'm so scared to go to triage to get checked because I think everyone will think I'm a hypochondriac. Anyway, she made me go for an NST today and they passed with FLYING colors. Might have been the caffeine - hehe. I go for another on friday and twice a week from now on. I have one more 2 week visit with OB then I start weekly. I only have 5 more weeks to go! YAY!!! I'm measuring 42 weeks right now. That is so crazy to me.

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Darn babies! I bet they will turn for you!!! Glad your NST went well!!

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I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed for you they decide to go back head down - I've got one head down and one sort of transverse as of this pm.

Glad the NST was a breeze. 42 weeks huh - I am about there too. My ob today lovingly made a comment about my giant belly....

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Good to hear about the NST, now they need to turn....42 wks, wow!

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That's great news about the NST!! Is it pretty painful with them both transverse? I would imagine your ribs take a bit of beating with them stacked up like that!