Excited for fun purchases!!!

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Excited for fun purchases!!!

I just got done shopping on Amazon and September 6th will be a great day for package deliveries...poor UPS guy. Smile

I bought Booster seats for DD so that her carseats can be reworked for the baby, I bought a City Mini Jogger Stroller, which was so much fun to play with at Babies 'R Us, and DD is getting a few big sister books and an anatomically correct baby boy doll so that she can have a baby, too.

I can't wait to come home from work on Thursday! It will be like Christmas!

I am psyched that we either had everything else or got hand-me-downs. I'm glad I only had to buy the stuff I REALLY wanted. I found the process interesting...as a BTDT mom, my criterion for buying things has been very different. Smile

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Sounds like fun! It is really strange how your idea of what you "need" changes so much, huh?! I have so few things compared to what I HAD to have with my 1st daughter!

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yay! i love amazon. I just bought Alexs costume on there and a moby wrap, so Im looking forward to Thursday to! lol. I love prime shipping, not to mention the streaming for our kindles, well worth the extra money-esp for xmas time

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I love amazon too. Thursday IS going to be like Christmas for you!!

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Amazon is the best! I got my huge baby order last week, so much fun! Have fun Thursday Smile

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Yay for fun mail days!