First prenatal appt

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First prenatal appt

I had my first prenatal yesterday, it was anything but exciting! They did my pap (which I missed in October) and then she gave me a script for prenatals and sent me for bloodwork to check HcG level. I'm scheduled for the 17th for my first ultrasound, I'll be 8 weeks. I can't wait for this ultrasound!

I also asked her about her take on the Zoloft. She suggested I wean off and not take it to avoid any of the "what ifs". I've decided to stop it, and DH doesn't want me taking it anymore either.

I didn't care for the woman I saw yesterday. I go to a place that has 3 OBGYN doctors, 2 CRNPs, and 1 sort of MW (although I don't think that's exactly what she is). I seen her yesterday and I've never liked her much. She doesn't seem to have much to say and doesn't seem and knowledgeable as the others. Oh well. I have to see all of the doctors at some point during my pregnancy, might as well get her out of the way first.