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Funny story

I meant to post this yesterday - I walked from work down to the local store to get a snack. There was a little boy in line in front of me with his sister and mom - he was probably about 7-8 years old. I could see him looking at me and then looking at my stomach and then that same thing again. He looks at me and goes "Are you fat?" LOL! I just knew he was going to say something! I told him, "No, I'm having a baby." His mother was NOT pleased! It's one of those OMG moments you hope you don't experience with your kids - I felt bad for her!

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too funny

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LOL....that is too funny! Kids really do say some of the funniest things!

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That is hilarious! That poor mom was probably dying!

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I would be SO embarrased haha.

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:lurk: Hahaha That's too funny!

My sister just had a baby and she was putting her kids to bed last night and had this conversation:
Nephew: Mom, I wanna feel the baby in your tummy
Sister: There is no baby in my tummy anymore
Niece: Are you going to be fat the rest of your life?
Sister: I hope not

My sister laughed...I laughed. Kids say the darndest things! Her baby is only a week old. Smile