Guess who comes home tomorrow???

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Guess who comes home tomorrow???

These little cuties!!!!!! Ahhhh, cannot wait!!!

Both are like .5oz away from their birth weight and eating like champs!

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awww... they are so cute. YAY for having everyone home Smile

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Great news! Such a cute pic!

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Woohoo, great news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wow that is great news!!!!!

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That is such great news!!! And that pic is just too cute for words.

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Awesome news!!!! COngrats!!!

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Lurker** So excited they get to come home!! Now the fun begins!!!!

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Lurker.... Oh my gosh, how adorable!! And super exciting, congrats!!

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Yay!!! I'm glad they are doing so well.

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Such awesome news!! And thanks for sharing another pic, they are SO beautiful!!

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:woohoo: How exciting! Glad to hear that they have done so well! Thanks for sharing another pic with us! Smile