Had my babyshower!!

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Had my babyshower!!

Yesterday was my babyshower... It was amazing got tons of diapers and baby wipes, the cutest baby girl clothes I ever seen..lots of useful stuff and best of all my family and friends all came together and it was Great!! my MIL could'nt be here with us but she sent the cutest most adorable Crib beeding set..I can't wait to put it up and take some pics...I got another cute bedding set from a co-worker...I will snap some pics of some of the things..My sister and her husband and my nephews and nieces also got me the whole travel system with matching diaper bag..I was so worried about that cause I kept thinking What if I have the baby they wont let me take her home unless I have the carseat...but thankfully my sister and BIL came through and got it for me..Its Grey and black with hints of a sage Green its just the neutral colors I wanted since I already have soo much pink and purple...I have to say baby Emma is one blessed babygirl..I will defintley be posting pics of the shower and the amazing cake..Just wanted to share my babyshower excitement with you ladies Smile

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Baby showers are the best, so glad you got great stuff. Can't wait to see pics:)

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How awesome! Yes, post pics!! Smile

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Glad to hear you had a great time and got lots of needed things! She'll be here before you know it now

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Wow!! You got some great gifts! Now you can have that baby!!

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Glad you had a great shower!!

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thanks ladies...Im trying to get into my PB account but for some reason its not letting me I changed my pw like 3 times already...here is my fb account I have some there...welcome to add me that way you can see the pics Smilehttps://www.facebook.com/#!/Jinx.xoxo