Here's a new one for you...

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Here's a new one for you...

Did you know that pregnant woman can get kidney stones because of the calcium build-up in our bodies? Neither did I, until I got one.

Last Sunday, I woke up at about 3AM to intense pain in my back, but only on the left side. It stretched from my hip bone to my ribs and hurt like HELL.

After walking around, trying to poop, taking a bath, and stretching, the pain only got worse. I was immediately thinking back labor (which I didn't have the first time so don't really know about) and I was very nervous. I woke DH and told him we needed to go to the hospital. The kicker here is that we were visiting my parents, so I had to go to a hospital I didn't know. Blum 3

My dad drives us to the brand new hospital in the area and we go to emergency. Lo and behold, there is no OB Department in this brand new hospital...go figure. By this point, my pain is at an 8 and I am NOT HAPPY. Mind you, this is not like labor's worse. There is no break from it.

The doctor FINALLY shows up after I've been throwing up (I threw up a total of 5 times on an empty stomach that day, which made for some interesting bruises on my face and eyes) and preceded to tell me that they can ultrasound and draw blood, but that's it. Since there was no OB on staff, he was afraid to touch me. They try giving me tylenol (seriously???), which does not work AT ALL. Long story short (this is from hubby's point of view because I honestly don't remember much of this), we were in triage from about 4-9:30AM and I finally got morphine at around 8ish because my pain was at a 10 and they were afraid my pain would start labor.

According to DH, the morphine lasted an hour. In my hazy recollection, it lasted about 15 minutes. By this point, DH has called my mom to come be with me (which did help) and I am on a very low dose of morphine. The doctors and DH decided to give me one more dose so that we can make it to my L&D, which is 90 minutes away.

Fast forward to about 12:30PM. We arrive at my hospital, and by then my pain is back, though I am still too relaxed from the morphine. Again, we are put into L&D triage with a really cabby nurse who leaves us there for an HOUR! DH finally goes out to the nurse's station and gets nasty with them about getting my doctor on the phone. Finally, doctor gives the all clear and I am admitted, but the same crabby nurse proceeds to try to find a vein for the IV. I have super easy veins, but I knew there was going to be a problem when she kept rubbing and tapping my arms. I was so dehydrated from throwing up that my veins were nowhere to be found. She tried THREE sites before calling in another nurse who found it in one try. Stupid nurse! When they asked the standard round of questioning and they got to the question of abuse, I said no and hubby said, "Does nurse abuse count?"

Finally, after MUCH pain, I got fluids, a wonderful baby-safe pain medication, and a shot of something to ease the nausea and relax me. After that, all was well in the world. Blum 3

They were never completely conclusive on the kidney stone diagnosis because the tests to confirm are CAT Scans, X-Rays, and MRIs, which could be harmful to the baby. However, the ultrasound showed fluid retention and enlargement of my left kidney, which are consistent with a kidney stone.

The silver lining in all of this was that Aiden thought it was a party. On the morphine, he was rolling around like nothing was happening. His heart-rate remained at a steady 150-155 and I think he was excited that mom stopped moving for awhile so he could play! I also got a really cool ultrasound tech who gave me a pic of his can see his eye, his nose, and his lips! So far, he looks like his sister.

The aftermath: I have lovely bruising on both of my forearms, I have burst blood vessels in my left eye (so my eye is bloodshot and odd looking), I have to drink a CRAP LOAD of water daily, I had to strain my urine for awhile, and I am on an antibiotic. I also had to change my diet a bit because I can no longer take TUMS (too much calcium) and Pepcid doesn't do very much for me.

I guess it could have been much worse. Ladies, I am here to tell you that labor pain is nothing compared to the pain of a kidney stone. Labor is going to seem a lot easier this time, I think. Three words of advice...DRINK YOUR WATER!!!! You don't want any part of what I went through last week.

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Oh my Gosh sweetie ..So sorry you had to go through this...Wow I didn't know that was possible...Thanks for the advice I been popping tums like m&m's but I have been drinking lots of water...hope you feel better and glad the baby is ok..take care hun

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Oh my! Sorry you had to go through that! Glad you are on the mend

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So sorry you had to go through this. Hope you are on the mend quickly.

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That sounds terrible, hope you feel better soon.

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Sounds like an awful experience! Glad to hear that you are on the mend now!